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Ninja Refer allows you to hide the referring URL of the site you place a Ninja Refer link on.

What the hell is a referrer?

Whenever somebody clicks a link on your site, the webmaster of the site being accessed will know that the visitor came from your site, moreover, he'll know exactly which page it was.

For example, if you own the website, and you want to link to, whenever somebody clicks the link on your site, the webmaster of will know the visitor came from your site.

And why not let him know that?

Main reason is secrecy. If you are doing anything that includes flaming, defaming, embarassing or posting crap about another website, then you better hide your referrer URLs! Or maybe you just don't want other sites to know that visitors are coming from your site. It all depends on what it is that you do.

Pair it up with Ninja Link

Using this service along with Ninja Link will mean that not only the webmaster of the other site will not know what referring URL you are coming from, your visitors won't know what URL they are clicking on either! So if you want to link to, you can now do it by using an URL like this: click here for a website! MAXIMUM SECRECY!

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